R & J Trading General Ship Suppliers is modeled on a one- stop marine supplies and services concept. There are significant tangible saving when group company services are used in consolidation including General Chandlery and Provisions Service/Repairs of life rafts, lifeboats, fire extinguishers, breathing apparatus, CO 2 FIRE EXT. SYSTEM. High Pressure CO 2 Gas Cylinder Full System Examine, Test, Re-check weight, installation of marine mechanical, electrical work, Chipping Painting work, tank cleaning, deslopping and disposal  etc,

R & J Trading committed to work effectively in the Development of Principal's Business, to adopt every possible measure to provide the cost effective manner with efficient services.

Today R & J Trading General Ship Supplier and providing ship agency services enjoys an enviable reputation with the various National and International ship owners, through our proficient services with a vision “CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”